About Baby Bio Boards


Baby Bio Boards is a customized poster, each individually designed, featuring fun facts and figures about your child. These posters are unique keepsakes that are wonderful props for birthday parties photo shoots and to decorate your child's room. Each poster is individually designed and created.

You can purchase your Bio Board to be printed by me or your can purchase a digital file (that can be printed clearly up to 16x20), which can be printed or used for easy sharing on Facebook and emailing family and friends!

Personalizing your bio board is super easy and super fun! Just purchase the Bio Board that you want and we will send you a link to personalize your boards.

Once that is submitted I will then send you a proof back within 3-4 days for approval and once approved, the poster proof I will send you a private link to download your high-resolution files for printing. 

Keep in mind; I do a lot of my designs at night after my own little ones are asleep so your proof may arrive late at night :)